About Shanita Brown

I am Shanita Brown, a hardworking entrepreneur, and I genuinely love being the CEO and curator of IT Factor Boutique. My love for fashion since I was a child was my ultimate inspiration to start my brand, and as a result, in February 2012, IT Factor Boutique was born.

I came up with the name “IT Factor” because it embodies aura and presence, and it represents an unknown quality and confidence coupled with a style that sets you apart. IT Factor is a new phenomenon, and everyone possesses it. I spend countless hours looking for distinct fresh pieces to carry, and as a result, IT Factor Boutique has gained a reputation for providing one of a kind affordable pieces.

Unique Styles

IT Factor Boutique continues to serve as a one-stop-shop for unique styles that cater to the edgy, fearless, and classy woman by offering a wide selection of apparel that will make people stop and stare.

IT Factor Boutique serves a sophisticated and specialized clientele. IT Factor Showroom opened to provide its customers with a private shopping experience in a luxury setting, designed with fancy chandeliers and wood floors that add elegance and ambiance to your shopping experience. I believe that a little luxury goes a long way.

Long-term Relationships

The ultimate benefit of having a place where my customers can come and shop it’s the ability to build and foster long term relationships. When you buy IT Factor, we will make sure you discover something inside of you that will set you apart and make others pay attention.

I believe there is vibrant sunshine of charisma that resides within every individual soul, and it only waits to be revealed. Knowing what to wear and how to put it together is just as important as having the character, talent, and skill to back up. Make a statement today, and shop IT Factor. Its time you got noticed.